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Boards of directors

The new demands of the environment require new challenges on behalf of companies. Adapting to a complex and volatile environment requires an innovative strategy. Understanding new trends may or may not mean the survival of companies in this situation. It is for this reason that the role of the board of directors is vital in order to make the right decisions.

We intend to achieve 4 general objectives which will be developed with the following methodology:

  1. Vision and change of mentality: It is achieved with the formulation and implementation of the strategy.
  2. Analytical capacity and risk management: It is achieved through the incorporation of tools related to BI, Big Data, finance and risks.
  3. Critical thinking and execution: It is achieved through workshops, trainings and the implementation of balance scorecards and the respective KPI’s.
  4. Agility and resilience: Is achieved through monthly monitoring of the balance scorecard, evaluations, corrective measures and the follow up of the entire process.
Our services
  1.  Corporate Governance System: Among the services we offer in this area, is the definition of the management and control structure, as well as regulating the relationships between all the “stakeholders” or interested parties (shareholders, Board of Directors, management team, collaborators, suppliers, clients, the society as a whole). Additionally, we define a Good Governance Code, which is the corporate governance system that is responsible for strategic planning, corporate governance, risk management, sustainability, internal audit, compliance, digitization, cybersecurity and fraud management.
  2. Creation of governing bodies: Shareholders’ Meeting, Board of Directors and Commissions, Senior Management.
  3. Active participation in the Boards of Directors: Define the general orientation of the company’s policies and adopt the most important decisions that affect capital and society as a whole, according to the law and bylaws.
  4. Creation of committees and their respective orientation
  5. Corporate finance: such as M&A processes (mergers and acquisitions), capital structuring and risk analysis
  6. Family Office: We help the shareholders on many subjects such as planning of successions in order to obtain continuity in family businesses among other services.

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