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Welcome to the future. Welcome to the digital transformation.

Digital Transformation

What is Digital Transformation?

Digital transformation is not simply about buying computers, storing data in the cloud, or installing an ERP. It refers to the integration of new technologies in all areas of a company and especially implies a change in the organizational culture for all levels of the company. The objective is to make it viable by optimizing processes, improving its competitiveness and offering new added value to its customers. According to Accenture CEO Pierre Nanterme, Digital Transformation is the main reason 50% of fortune 500 companies have disappeared since 2000.

When we carry out a digital transformation consultancy for a company, we base ourselves on 5 dimensions: clients, competitors, data, innovation and value. This with the aim of adapting our clients to the new normal so that they reconsider the way in which the client is included until the final purchase process. In addition, we focus on changing the locus of the competition so that the business can stand out and have more influence in the minds of customers. In addition, through tools such as Business Intelligence, we turn data into a key resource in the business model; On the other hand, we innovate through a process that saves time, reduces the cost of failures and improves organizational learning and finally, in our digital transformation processes we seek that the value proposition that we create may be a competitive advantage with respect to the competition.

Main benefits

• According to studies, the companies that have managed to conduct this transformation, have proven to be on average 9% more efficient in generating income and 26% more profitable.
• Innovate through new strategies and business models to allow the company to prosper in the digital age.
• Contribute to fostering teamwork and internal communication.
• Achieve rapid response capacity in a changing environment.
• Offers new business opportunities thanks to data analysis.
• Improves the customer’s experience and their relationship with the brand.

What Do We Do in Order to Achieve this Benefits?

• Strategy-Business Model.
• Diagnosis to locate the team’s perspective.
• Workshops to implement the digital transformation process.
• Follow-up.

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