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It’s key for companies to conduct an appropriate management of their finances in order to avoid unmanageable crisis.


Our financial approach is divided into two main areas, the first one is financial outsourcing and the second one is financial consulting. We attach a downloadable pdf in which you can see more detailed what each service consists of and the benefits your business will obtein if you decide to hire us.

Outsourcing services: 

V&V is your ideal partner that guarantees the adequate analysis, diagnosis and recommendations of your company’s finances, in such way that you do not have to worry about hiring specialized finance personnel. We offer you services in two main areas:

  1. Financial analysis
  2. Treasury


Financial Consulting Services 

At V&V we have personalized solutions in the area of ​​corporate and investment finance. This segment serves Startups, medium and large companies and individuals with an interest in investing their capital.


Corporate Finance

At V&V we provide advice to boards of directors, as well as consultancy to business owners and managers who need or want to implement a financial strategy oriented to corporate finance that allows them to have order, structure, processes, growth and greater profitability. First, we diagnose, then we propose personalized solutions and finally we implement them. Our goal is to create value and accompany the client throughout the process.

Expansion and / or diversification projects

At V&V we provide consultancies to medium and large companies, and we determine which strategy is most convenient for your business. We also project scenarios using financial models that allow us to understand the external and internal factors that can influence the process. This lets us understand which strategy will be more profitable and how it will create more value for shareholders and the company.

Feasibility studies

It is a tool that analyzes all the relevant factors of a project in order to determine and evaluate possible alternatives, the way in which it operates, or if the successful conclusion of the project is possible. It takes into consideration financial, environmental, legal, commercial and operational aspects. Contact us if you want more information related to this service.


At V&V we participate in mergers and acquisitions processes in which we manage and coordinate teams to carry out a successful process.

Financial Valuations

We create financial models with scenarios in which determinant metrics that can affect the value of the company are taken into account, so that all possible aspects are considered in order to obtain a real value and adapted to the environment in which it is located. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information.

Brand Valuations

At V&V we use methods that allow us to value your brand and tangibly quantify the value of this intangible asset. If you want us to carry out a consultancy to determine the value of your brand, contact us and we will arrange a meeting to better explain our methodology.

Investment Consulting

This area is intended for investors with capital greater than 100 thousand usd who wishes to structure their capital, create trusts or open an inshore or offshore account. Our goal will always be to increase your profitability.

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