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V&V Consulting Group.

Consultorías y asesoramiento a empresas e inversionistas
para el incremento de su competitividad
y su rentabilidad.

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V&V Consulting Group

About Us

Our goal is to mix talent, knowledge and experience in a way that allows us to serve with excellence, hand in hand with technological propositions in order to obtain innovative and effective solutions, as a result of the work and effort of our associates.


Our partners have more than 30 years of experience in different national and multinational companies, in sectors such as  wholesale, retail, family businesses, and SMEs.


V&V Consulting Group is an organization that specializes in value creation through consulting services and company trainings, as well as advising investors through innovative solutions focused on the areas of strategy, finance, business Intelligence and digital transformation.


To be acknowledge as a company  that achieves overall improvements in its clients alone with an increase in their profitability, through consulting and seminars and webinars.

Our values

We are a team that seeks continuous improvement in each of the areas of our organization, based on four main pillars which are excellence, innovation, teamwork and technology.


our services

We advise companies and investors in order to provide them tools that will increase their competitiveness and profitability.

Advising Boards of Directors

Understanding new trends may or may not mean the survival of companies. It is for this reason that the role of the board of directors is vital in order to make the right decisions.


Our financial approach is divided into two main areas, the first from the outsourcing perspective and the second as financial consulting.

Business Intelligence

We live in an age where data generation increases constantly, but many companies fail to translate that data into useful information to make decisions.

Digital Transformation

digital transformation is not simply buying computers, storing data in the cloud or install an ERP.

Webinars & Seminars

Our seminars and webinars provide the necessary basis for its staff are trained and updated with the latest trends in the different sectors of the business.

Competitive strategy

In V & V, we create value together, through an action plan customized to the company’s needs, in order to establish competitive advantage, positioning in a sector of the industry and achieving a higher return in the long run.

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